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Termite Management

It is estimated that one in five Australian homes has been treated for termites at some stage in its life and this rate is high in Queensland due to the hot moist climate. Here at Organic Pest Control, we firmly believe that being proactive about termite management is the best way to protect your home. With consummate knowledge and expertise, we provide effective Termite management program for your convenience.

Management on detecting termite activity on your property. We have the training and license to offer a wide range of options for putting an end to your termite infestation. You will receive a treatment proposal and on acceptance; we begin the treatment by eradicating active termites on your site. Once the active termites are exterminated, you need an effective management program in place for preventing future attacks. This can be chemical barriers like registered termiticides or physical barriers, dusting treatments, reticulation systems and baiting and monitoring system. With adequate experience and skills on-hand, organic pest control delivers customised treatment plans suited to your property and budget.

Termite Inspection

The termite inspection is the first step and most important part of the termite management plan. Early detection is the key to preventing potential structural damage and costly repair bills. Inspection of your property includes the internal areas of the house, garages, roof voids, gardens, trees, stumps, fencing, subfloor, etc... With all findings in a detailed report including colour photos, treatment recommendations, conditions conducive to termite activity and advice to not only reduce the risk of termite activity on your property but also recommendations on physical attributes, we can help in early termite detection on the property.

At Organic Pest Control we utilise the latest technology for early termite detection including the “Termatrac” termite detection unit, Flir Thermal imaging technology, fibre optic cameras, boroscopes, moisture meters, temperature probes, tappers, digital cameras, etc… As stated in the Australian Standards, every structure (especially in S/E Queensland) needs a competent inspection by a licensed qualified Termite Inspector at least every 12 months, in some cases every 3-6 months. Please contact our office to book an appointment for an inspection.

Termite Monitoring

Being prevented from the termite attack doesn’t mean that your house is invincible. Chances of termite infestation cannot be ruled out at any time. Hence we recommend termite monitoring and baiting service to aid in early termite detection and treatment of termite activity on the property. You can either monitor the system by yourself or leave the burden onto our dedicated technicians. We assure you that a lot of invading activity can be controlled before it reaches your threshold. On detecting any activity/damage/workings, we simply add termite bait to the station which is taken back to colony by the termites. Thus it becomes easy to eradicate the entire colony even though it may be on a neighboring property.

Pest Treatment Services

At Organic Pest Control, we guarantee a 100% safe & effective means of pest control! We use a completely biodegradable product derived from the Chrysanthemum Daisy Flower, which is 100% safe and at the same time quite effective against cockroaches, spiders, silverfish, ants, fleas and a range of other pests!

Rodent Management

We offer a range of rodent management solutions for both inside and outside of the building.  All our accessible rodent baits are locked in secure stations which cannot be accessed by dogs, cats or kids.  The baits are a second generation anticoagulant which is fast acting and has a minimal secondary poisoning risk (should a member of the household decide to eat a dead rat!).  We are able to place these as a one-off installation or we can also offer an ongoing monitoring and replenishment service for ongoing rodent issues.

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