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Termite Management & Inspections

Your best defence against termites are regular competent inspections as they are required to determine the best course of action for your specific property.

Organic Pest Control undertake professional timber pest and termite inspections to determine not only whether or not you have termites or timber pests but the susceptibility of the property to timber pest infestations. We can advise on reducing the risk of potential termite activity both physically and chemically, if needed.

Termite Baiting & Monitoring Stations

Termite baiting and monitoring stations are both an effective and environmentally friendly way of detecting and then treating termite activity.

As a licensed provider and installer of many reputable methods, we have a choice of stations and baits to cater to any budget, location and sensitivity.

Termite baiting and monitoring stations are ideal to monitor activity in areas that are potentially susceptible to termite activity such as fence-lines, retaining walls areas of high soil moisture and more.

Call Organic Pest Control on 1800 645 553 for more information on our baiting methods and to find the correct solution to your problem

Call Organic Pest Control on 1800 645 553 for more information.

Chemical Barriers & Treated Zones

Organic Pest Control uses extremely effective products such as Termidor and Altriset which we have found to be extremely effective and safe for chemical management. Termidor, unlike other products on the market does not simply repel termites but kills them through contact and ingestion, solving the termite problem, rather than encouraging them to find another entrance.

Altriset is another termiticide treatment which is extremely effective, versatile and fast acting. It is extremely useful in sensitive ecosystems and kills 100% of directly and indirectly exposed termites within 14 days


Physical Barriers

Termite slab sealant treatments are essential if you have moisture and especially termite activity entering through a crack in your slab.(1.3mm is all termites need to gain entry into a building).

This is especially prevalent in commercial slabs with saw cuts/expansion joints, cold joints, cracks in slabs, perimeter slab/wall junction, plumbing pipes and many more applications. Our sealants kill termite activity on contact whilst also preventing moisture through sealed area and is felixible enough to move with slab movement.

If you are having a termite problem through your slab contact OPC for a free appraisal on 1800 645 553.

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As is evident above, there are many different solutions to consider when looking at solving a termite problem. At Organic Pest Control we provide safe, effective general treatments, but also offer tailored solutions as the client or situation required. Using Integrated Pest Management techniques and experience we can offer Physical, Environmental and Chemical advice for long term termite management of your property.

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